Trading's Easy - The Secret od Trading Success
Not only Learn The Easy Way to Trade But Also Master the Mindset of Being Wealthy!
But it Took me 20 Years to Realise...
Forget indicators, forget systems and forget robots. For 20 years I made the mistake of making trading difficult because everyone said it was.

Work a few minutes a day, virtually whenever you want and win 80% of your trades -  I sometimes win 20 out of 20.

    Trading itself is very simple and the results below are typical for me. Yes, that's just a few minutes a day and you can see I'm up to nearly $3,000 profit in the first 17 days of the month - trading just one contract with $1,000 capital. That's right - you can easily quadruple your capital in a month. So, just $1,000 can make you $1,000 a week, using my method. This is a separate account trading just the GBP/USD to illustrate the principle as I trade other methods as well (my for example). Several pairs at 5 contracts can easily make you $10,000 a week.

    So, why do 95% lose all their money if trading is easy? That's simple to answer and I've never seen it stated anywhere else. The reason is that everyone is looking for an indicator or a system to help them win - in other words, they don't trust themselves and are looking for a mechanical, 'mindless' set of rules from somebody else! Now, those rules or indicators may be good but how can anyone who doesn't trust themselves to do the job become successful at the job of trading? They can't... 

     In order to succeed, you must change your mindset to one of succeeding on your own merits. Sound crazy? Well, I grant you it's revolutionary but the truth is that it is a realistic possibility to change your mindset. The catch is that trading might be easy (it is) but mastering the psychological mindset to pocket easy money is a new skill that has to be learned. That's right, making a profit comes from the right attitude, not the right indicator! This is easy to prove because it's well known that you can give a 100% profitable system to ten people and nine will still lose money...

     This being the case, everyone wastes thousands of dollars and many years chasing the holy grail system (sound familiar?) without realising what needs to be mastered is a new mind set, a new belief system (and some simple basic trading knowledge). Trading's Easy! will give you both. 

    These results are quite normal and here's a run of 19 wins in 3 days of the following week. The green shows the trade hit the take profit, no green shows a manual close. There's a few mistakes where I traded 0.1 contracts - I tend to trade while I'm doing something else! The  0.51 and 0.49 was actually one trade filled that way by the broker.

    These are using my high frequency trading off the 5 minute charts, which uses a 5 pip take profit and an 8 pip stop. It needs an ECN broker with very small spreads (less than 0.5 pip). This particular technique with a very small stop means you can quite safely trade one full contract with just $500 and make serious money.

    Trading's Easy is the definitive work on becoming a successful trader. Not only does it cover every aspect of actual trading, it goes into great depths to cover the vitally important psychological and emotional aspects of trading. It is these that prevent the 95% who fail and trading from becoming wealthy. With many years as a psychoanalyst specialising in hypnosis and 20 years personal trading experience and seven years teaching others to trade, I am uniquely qualified in this area. At 147 pages and 24 useful chart illustrations, it is a full length book on the subject. 

      Part 1 is five chapters and 57 illustrated pages covering the basics of trading and how you can achieve results similar to those shown above.

     Part 2 is nine chapters and 31 illustrated pages on how to develop your own personal trading systems and strategies so that you don't need to rely on anyone else.

     Part 3 is four very detailed chapters and 57 pages on the psychology of self development, which is crucial if you wish to become truly successful not only in trading but in life in general.

Trading's Easy contains the secrets to becoming a truly successful Trader!

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 It is essential to use an ECN broker with 0.5 pips spread or less. Please use the links below. I use all three brokers every day.

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FX Open are UK regulated and used by us for many years. Does not accept US clients. Choose the MT4 ECN account.

   Forex Time are EU ad UK regulated with excellent customer service. Several deposit and withdrawal methods including Skrill with instant withdrawals, which is excellent! Choose the basic ECN account and ask support to make it swap free.

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  This EA works perfectly with Trading's Easy as you need to trigger the trade manually!

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